The Themes Of Slavery In Kindred By Octavia Butler

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Kindred” written by Octavia Butler, is a science- fiction novel that depicts the life of a newly married African- American women named Dana living in the 1980’s who abruptly develops the ability to travel back to the times of slavery which dates back to 1816. Later in the novel, it is revealed to readers that Dana is being drawn back into time to save her bloodline which is repetitively being put in danger. Thus, if she does not complete the task at hand she and her ancestors will never be known to man or ever have ever existed. However, due to the color of her skin, Dana encounters many challenges and situations where she is put to the test and unfortunately puts her life danger a number of times. Yet, there is a small catch to the story which is her white husband Kevin who also has the ability to travels back in time with her, this truly does put their relationship to the test. All in all, she must persevere and complete the tasks …show more content…
More specifically, the heavy use of the word “nigger” and other discriminatory terms. Some examples of this would be, “For a moment, I forgot about the whip and the niggers.” (Butler 27), “Then you could come out and ask Daddy if you could work here. He hires free niggers sometimes.” (Butler 32), and “You got no manners, nigger, I will teach you some!” (Butler 42). Apparently, throughout the novel, the term is used quite frequently especially when white characters are addressing black characters in the slave societies. An example of this would be, “Mama said she tried to stop you when she saw you doing that to me because you were just some nigger she had never seen before.”(Butler, 24). In this particular quote, the character named Rufus is telling the main character, Dana, very nonchalantly how his mother described

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