Mrs Bennett Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Mrs. Bennett is seen throughout the book setting key events into motion regarding her children, unlike her husband who is uninterested in their affairs. The book takes place in a time period in which the person one marries decides how they live, and Mrs. Bennett recognizes this. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett set the first example of a marriage in the book, and it is a struggle for both parents, and the daughters who watch them constantly fight. Mrs. Bennett takes an active role in seeing her daughter’s wed, and is successful due to her intelligence and cunning as both Jane and Elizabeth marry gentleman with money, while Mr. Bennett is condescending and uninvolved.
Mrs. Bennett is perceived as a shrill woman whose only care in the world is setting up her daughter’s with a man she finds suitable. However, Mrs. Bennett is more keen than she lets off as she knows what it takes to find a gentleman to marry. Jane and Elizabeth both find men they are interested in throughout the course of the play. Mrs. Bennett always attends the social parties and is sure to bring her daughters as they are in the prime age to be wed. Doing this, she helps her daughter’s encounter gentleman who can take care of them and give them a comfortable life.
Consequently, due to Mrs. Bennett’s actions both Elizabeth and Jane find men
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Due to this, Elizabeth realizes that she does not want a marriage like her parents, where one parent is dominant and belittles the other. Elizabeth refuses to marry for money, turning down an offer from both Mr. Collis, and Darcy at one point, because she wanted a husband she truly cared about, and even considers a life with Wickham even though he had no money. Instead, Elizabeth chose to marry because of love, unlike what her mother had taught her, and eventually marries Mr Darcy because she truly cares about

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