Attitudes Of Marriage In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Jane Austen’s novel pride and prejudice presented four married couples, non-of the couples are a like in their love story and personalities. In that era, women were concerned a lot about marriage and who to marry which was an important thing in women’s life because mostly the women’s financial stability is on men or husbands. Austen in the novel she presented several contrasting attitudes to marriage. Austin focused mainly on pride and prejudice which presents true love, while there was other attitudes toward marriage which were presented by every character in the Bennett’s family and family friends, these attitudes were true love marriage, physical attraction, satisfaction marriage and marriage for money.
First, Collins and charlotte marriage
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Austin captures in the book Elizabeth as the strong independent person who can stand by herself in terms to find love instead money like what her mother wants. She showed this point when Collins propose to her because Collins is the only male heir close to Bennet family so after Mr. Bennet pass away, Mr. Collins is going to inherit the house that the Bennets family live in. Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s relation was built on Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice in the novel. However, it turned out to be a love story that successfully worked out to be a successful marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s first impression to Mr. Darcy as a condescending person who is supercilious but later she knew she had always misjudge him and the way he react with people, when Elizabeth went with her aunt Mrs. Gardener for a walk in Pimberly ( Darcy estate ), she knew the real Darcy that made her fall in love more with him. Also Darcy misjudged Elizabeth since the first day he saw her in the ball by saying his opinion of her Bingley saying that she is not that handsome and rude (chapter 6 after Mr. Bingley finished dancing with Jane Bennet and stood with Mr. Darcy). But later both understood each other and they formed a happy …show more content…
Lydia and Wickham’s marriage which was a total disaster for the Bennett’s reputation that their girl ran away with an officer, Lydia is totally controlled by her bodily desire, she is still young doesn’t know how marriage is like she is probably playing. Lydia’s silly attitude that puts her family in bad situations is compared to be more likely delinquent. Lydia doesn’t know real Wickham and his past which he is always lying about and also his desertion towards money and he probably ran away with her for fun without the consideration of marrying her. I think he was forced by Mr. Darcy to marry her, because when they ran away Jane sent a letter to Elizabeth when she was in Pimberly which was talking about Lydia childish move of running away. At the same time, Mr. Darcy knew and wanted to make up for all what he did so he when looking for them. Elizabeth later knew from Lydia’s flappy mouth that Mr. Darcy paid for their marriage and gave Wickham money. Darcy’s move made him to grow more in Elizabeth perspective. Austin put Lydia and Wickham the 2 wicked characters in one marriage to make the story more thrilling by making another conflict related to the main conflict which is Darcy and Elizabeth. Probably the marriage of Wickham and Lydia won’t last so long as Wickham money finish he is going to come back to his old hobbit and fetch for another lady that put

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