The Themes Of Fahrenheit 451 And Minority Report

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Many similarities exist between the story Fahrenheit 451, and the movie Minority Report. With the idea of this considered, we must individually look at things that do coincide with each other. Firstly, the settings of Fahrenheit 451 and Minority Report possess similarities. For instance, the technologically advanced society that each are based upon. This is first made evident in Fahrenheit 451 when introduced to the idea and reality of television parlors, with full-wall screen televisions. The idea of these may be practical, however, it must be considered the time in which this novel was produced. With that in mind, the mere idea of these items were far fetched, and something only a very highly developed future society may be endowed with. …show more content…
As a start, the theme of opening ones eyes and seeing the wrong in their "perfect" worlds. This may be illustrated in Fahrenheit 451 when Clarisse asks Montag "Are you happy" By this, Clarisse is initiating the thoughts in Montag about if the burning of books, and living his life in this way is what he really wants. She is attempting to understand if this life choice is really what Montag is content with. In the same way, Agatha begins to do the same to Anderton in her very few words of "Can you see" to him. This repeated phrase throughout the movie has the same underlying theme each time, of opening ones eyes to discovery and realizing the indignity of their world. She gets Anderton to realize the harm that pre-crime does, rather than the good. These ideas begin changing Anderton 's way of thinking, the same way that Montag 's were as well. In addition to that, the theme of how straying away from what may be perceived as right, may actually lead you to live more ethically. Most notably in Fahrenheit 451, we see this when Montag makes the ultimate decision to stop burning books, and begin trying to read and understand them. Montag doing this is definitely not what is socially accepted, and in fact is illegal. Support from Faber especially however, shows that Montag has actually made the right decision. In like manner, very similar scenarios occur in Minority Report. As a matter of fact, this is seen when Anderton is faced with making the decision of making the decision to change his destiny, or to live true to it. Murder is seen as a predictable cause, and one that cannot be altered to any means other than it being stopped before it happens. But, this is only due to police forces taking matters into their own hands and interfering themselves. Anderton challenges this when he is holding the gun to Leo Crows chest, and Agatha reminding him that he can

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