The Theme Of Hamlet

Kellan Cupid

As it is widely known, All of Shakespeare 's plays are either tragedies, comedies, and histories. It is also known that based on the type of play it is, Shakespearean plays end in either death or marriage. The one aspect of Shakespearean plays that is not predicted from the start is the theme of the play. Sometimes there may be more than one theme in a play but usually there is only one. The main theme of Hamlet is revenge. The theme of Hamlet is revenge because almost every character 's actions are fueled by some cause of revenge. Such characters are Claudius, Polonius, Laertes, Gertrude, Fortinbras and of course Hamlet.
When the topic of revenge is brought up, King Claudius’ name comes up only second
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The basis of this entire play is built on the fact that Hamlet has a hunger for revenge of the death of his father. Starting with the fact that Hamlet talks to his father’s ghost is a little bit weird but he does learn that Claudius killed his father not only for the throne but also for Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. Hamlet has already been pissed off at his mother for trying to get him to stop grieving while she’s with her late husband’s brother less than a month after he died.It also doesn’t help that Hamlet already disliked his new step father before he even found out that Claudius killed King Hamlet. After learning this horrible news Hamlet becomes to find a fixed on trying to find a way to prove that Claudius was guilty. This is one of the few understandable actions of the unpredictable Hamlet. He didn’t trust a ghost’s word completely and wanted to confirm before which makes complete sense. After making arrangements for the play imitate the death of King Hamlet both Hamlet and Horatio were able to determine that Claudius truly was guilty, too bad Hamlet couldn’t kill him while he was praying. Over the length of the play the frustration of the ghost and Hamlet continued to rise. Hamlet finally was willing to kill once he saw how many bodies Fortinbras was willing to let die just for a small piece of land. Then the whole scene at the end happens where everyone gets revenge by killing someone else until they all die. Whilst Hamlet does kill Claudius he was killed by another problematic conflict in the form of Laertes. Laertes was the son of the foolish Polonius who got himself killed because of his nosiness. Hamlet had just seen Claudius admit his guilt to the Lord and went to Gertrude to vent and tell her how angry h is etc. What he did not know was that Polonius was hiding behind the curtains. Hamlet was too blinded by his anger towards Claudius and the paranoia that he was being spied on by his parents that without

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