The Theme Of Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist is one of Charles Dickens successful novels. It was published in 1837. The novel took place in the 19th century London. The theme of Oliver Twist is the cruelty that orphans suffered at the hand of the 19th century. Charles Dickens wrote the novel Oliver Twist to express his thoughts on how the rich treated the poor and how he felt about the laws regarding the poor. In addition, he also wrote Oliver Twist with the goal of changing the way on how people treated and thought of the poor. The main character of the novel or the protagonist is a boy named Oliver. He is a poor orphan who seems destined for a life of misery and crime. The novel starts with the birth of Oliver Twist. Oliver’s mother died after giving birth to him in …show more content…
The young boy informs Oliver that there was a man in London who will let him stay in his home free. Oliver learned the real identity of that young boy that night; Oliver meets Fagin and his band. Fagin, who is evil, wicked, and train children to be pickpockets and then he sells off what they steal. Fagan tried to turn Oliver into a criminal. Fagan teaches Oliver how to pickpocket by having Oliver practices taking a handkerchief out his pocket. One day Fagan decides that Oliver is ready, so he sends him out with the young boy. The young boy sees a wealthy man absorbed in reading a bookstall. Oliver watches as the boy sneak up behind the man and steal his handkerchief. The man turns around and sees Oliver running away thinking that Oliver is the thief. Mr. Brownlow and the other people around yelled, “Stop thief! Stop thief!” (Dickens 105).Oliver is caught and is thrown into jail. Mr. Brownlow protests that he does not want to press charges. After Oliver, court appearance Mr. Brownlow finds out that Oliver was not the boy who committed crime. Therefore, Mr. Brownlow takes him in. When the young boy returns without Oliver, Fagan is upset and worried that Oliver might tell the authorities about his operation. Therefore, Fagan sends Nancy to the police station to find out what happen. Nancy finds out where Oliver is and she takes the young boy with her. Mr. Brownlow has Oliver to run an errand to the bookstore, but on the way Oliver makes a wrong turn and winds up running into Nancy. The young boy and Nancy return Oliver to Fagan. Fagan tries to beat Oliver, but Nancy comes to his rescue, however Fagan steal the money and books Oliver had on

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