Common Themes In King Lear

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This play depicts the theme of Fathers and their children. Gloucester (Glou) introduces Edmund to Kent as a bastard that he sired out of wedlock; he used to be embrassed to announce this to anyone, now he boasts about Edmund;s “well breeding”. King Lear announces that he is splitting his kingdom among his three daughters he has each of them to say how much they love them so that he can give each their land accordingly. Regan and Goneril lie and say that they love him as much as possible it is to love him, but Cordelia guienly loves him and say that she loves him as much as she should love her father and nothing more. At this K.L. is furious and has the largest porption meant for Cordelia split up among Regan and Goneri, and commands that he is to have 100 knights, titles, crown, and visitation rights. In response to …show more content…
At the same time, Lear is at Goneril’s castle where he and his knights are not treated as they should be as Goneril orders her servants not to serve them or to dally in their orders. Kent then appears to Lear in incognito and displays a desire to serve K.L. which he finds true when Kent trips Oswald for his disrespect. Goneril takes offense to this and have fifty of Lear’s knights dismissed without Lear’s consent; this treatment causes for Lear to realize the cruelty of her and wishes her misfortune as he leaves her castle with rest of his entourage to go to Regan. Yet, Gonreil warns her of his arrival by letter via Oswald and Regan and Cornwall leave for Gloucester’s castle to send Lear on a wild goose chase. At the same time, Edmund tells Edgar to run away to “protect” himself from their father, and before Glou arrives Edmund cuts himself to make it seem like Edgar attacked him for not joining him in his scheme. Cornwall and Regan arrive at Gou’s castle and Cornwall lends his recourses to help arrest Edgar for his

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