Essay on The Theme Of Fathers And Their Children

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This play depicts the theme of Fathers and their children. Gloucester (Glou) introduces Edmund to Kent as a bastard that he sired out of wedlock; he used to be embrassed to announce this to anyone, now he boasts about Edmund;s “well breeding”. King Lear announces that he is splitting his kingdom among his three daughters he has each of them to say how much they love them so that he can give each their land accordingly. Regan and Goneril lie and say that they love him as much as possible it is to love him, but Cordelia guienly loves him and say that she loves him as much as she should love her father and nothing more. At this K.L. is furious and has the largest porption meant for Cordelia split up among Regan and Goneri, and commands that he is to have 100 knights, titles, crown, and visitation rights. In response to Lear’s rash actions Kent tries to pacify him and tell him he’s acting crazy but Lear has none of it and casts Kent out and threatens to have him killed if he is seen ever again. Throughout this King of France and Duke of Burgundy are visting in hopes of winning Cordelia’s hand in marriage. Burgundy shows that he doesn’t want Cordelia when he is told by Lear that he won’t get the dowry promised to him, but France falls in love with Cordelia’s honesty and takes her as his Queen. Regan and Goneril plot to get rid of Lear before he changes his mind. Later on, Edmund decides that it is time to take a stand for bastards in order to do so he forges a letter from his…

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