The Theme Of Communication In Shiloh By Bobbie Ann Mason

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“Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason, is a short story which illustrates how communication is key within a relationship. In the story a couple face substantial changes within their relationship, which expose the gaps between them. The couple, Leroy and Norma Jean, may get to spend more time with each other because of the change but they genuinely don't know each other. This absence of connection exemplifies the dissatisfaction they both have in their lives. Mason alludes to an idea that the lack of meaningful communication connections between married couples ultimately dissolves those relationships. Even in the beginning of Leroy and Norma Jean's marriage there was an overt absence of connection. They rushed into marriage because they soon expected …show more content…
Leroy makes connections between them as a couple, but the connections aren’t focused towards important values. Yes, they both work with petroleum based products, but that similarity isn’t exclusive to them. Leroy’s more concerned with finding a connection rather than listening to what Norma’s saying and finding the meaning of her spoken words.
As the couple seem to diverge on the main focus within their discussions they also lose sight for the next steps in their relationship. Leroy, now is home more than ever, wants to settle down and nearby Norma Jean. To be present, physically and emotionally closer, and stray from distancing each other like their past has done. “ I want to make you a real home,” (Mason 486) Leroy exclaims expressing his desire to settle together. He aspires to create a home full of life that they both contribute and thrive into, not just a house they both
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As Leroy assumes that his promise to be at home would satisfy Norma Jean, but comes to find out that “ in some ways, a woman prefers a man who wanders,” ( Mason 491). Referencing Norma Jean’s belief preferring their past relationship. With this downfall in the relationship, they both are confused about what will satisfy each other. Near the end of the story Norma Jean makes it clear that she doesn’t want to stay with Leroy. Even if it means risking her life by attempting suicide. She claims that they “ have started all over again,”(Mason 491) in the marriage. Yet, Norma Jean will not fall back into the lack of communication that left the couple both dissatisfied. The absence of communication between the couple dissolves the marriage beyond a fixing point and they cease with nothing more but

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