The Theme Of Appearance Vs. Reality In Macbeth

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Zaynah Arif
Ms. Boas
LA Block 5/6
16 November 2015
Appearance vs. Reality The discrepancy between appearance and reality is the central concern of the play. The theme presents a knotty idea that nothing is what is seems. We live in a world where nothing and no one can be trusted; not the dreams, apparitions, or the witches. William Shakespeare uses the paradoxical motif “Fair is foul and foul is fair” to express the theme of appearance versus reality, emphasizing Macbeth’s distrust within Macbeth. Before meeting the Weird Sisters, Macbeth describes, “So foul and fair a day I have not seen” (1.3.39). Shakespeare marks the beginning of Macbeth’s ascendency to kingship, describing the fair part of his journey. However, William also indicates
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Before committing monstrous deeds, Lady Macbeth took away her femininity, as she ordered, “And fill me from the crown to the tow top-full/ Of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood” (1.5.49-50). Lady Macbeth appears innocent, but in reality is fiercer than a man after she cast a spell to make her more evil. Shakespeare goes against gender roles during the Elizabethan time, to further the theme. She passes her malice onto Macbeth, as she exclaimed, “Look like th’ innocent/ flower,/ but be the serpent under ’t” (1.5.76-78). Shakespeare unlocks Macbeth’s ambitious loyalty towards Duncan, and abusing his trust to get close to the King. Turning him into a killer, Lady Macbeth soon realizes her mistakes for making Macbeth a monster, as she hallucinates, “Come, come, come, come. Give me your/ hand. What’s done cannot be undone. To bed, to/ bed, to bed” (5.2.70-72). The women who was immune to guilt, soon was driven mentally ill due to fear, causing the hero to encroach insanity, as she shrifts from foul to fair. On the other hand, the once innocent man described as, “It is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness,” ascended into malice (1.5.17). Shakespeare presented Macbeth’s corrupted mind, as he kills without feeling any guilt, to alter the reader’s perception of him. After finding out Macduff had fled to England, Macbeth stated, “The castle of Macduff I will …show more content…
Witches awaken Macbeth’s malice, and Lady Macbeth puts it into action. His confusion and madness lead to his own death, while altering the audience’s perception on life. Communicating through Macbeth’s character, Shakespeare described the world’s fatal flaw, the inability to distinguish between good and evil. There will continue to be corruption and disloyalty on Earth, but people need to overcome it and see what is important, love and

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