The Theatrical Theories Of Sociology Essay

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Three Theatrical Theories of Sociology
Sociology has a wide range of ways to view or sort our understanding of our world around us. Social Theorist help us to somewhat understand our social perspectives. While some theorists focus on society as individuals, other focus on society as a whole. Some theorist focus on social cohesion while others are concerned with inequality, but ultimately all supply us with an enhanced understanding of why we think and act as we do. To narrow down the wide range of sociological theories, theorists have provided us with three major theatrical traditions which include structure functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Each with a different point of view on how to distinguish what others may perhaps not see or notice.
Structure functionalism is viewed by society as well integrated or even stable. The premise of structure functionalism is as follows, “for every structure in a society, there is a function that serves the maintenance and continuation of the society.” This tradition is viewed on a macro level which means that social structure shape society a s a whole. Structural functionalism would be like the human body, all the organs, bones, veins, muscles, etc. are all working together to be a whole. Yet in a sociological view an example would be, laws are intact to prevent people from committing crimes, yet crimes are committed daily. Structure functionalism says that we as a society know that everything will work regardless…

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