The, The Negro Artist And The Racial Mountain By Brenden Jacobs Jenkins

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To discriminate or not to discriminate The play appropriate by Brenden Jacobs-Jenkins tells a story about a Caucasian family that has a lot of issues in their past before the beginning of the play. When cleaning out their father 's house they find out about their father 's secret life as a Ku Klux Klan member. Of course it wasn 't presented like that at first, but the elephant in the room was about the signs that point to their father being a racist, and the siblings trying to make excuses and deny that fact even when the evidence was staring at them in the face. In a similar sense, Langston Hughes’s "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain", is an essay about the attempt of African Americans to separate themselves from their heritage and try to become Caucasian-like or at least try not to perceive themselves as African American. Hughes states, “And so the word white comes to be unconsciously a symbol of all virtues.”(1) Here Hughes is talking about how when anyone is brought up or surrounded by an environment that is uplifting another race, they start to see the other race as embodiment of perfection. This is important when discussing appropriate because one of the main themes is that the Toni has racist tendencies because she grew up in a similar environment with her father as she was the closest one to him. This brings us to the question of why did Branden Jacobs-Jenkins write a story with only white characters even though he is an African American? Jacobs-Jenkins wrote…

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