The, The Mystical Dimension Of Islam Essay

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Many societies in the world were linked in various ways between the 1200s through the 1500s. They were all caught up in various webs of influence, communication, and exchange. Large-scale political systems brought together a diverse group of people with all different types of lifestyles. Religion was able to bring people together and also divide them. Methods of commerce and trade linked people in a different way. Trade allowed people to be able to spread ideas and concepts easily through different societies. I believe that the societies during the 1200s through the 1500s were connected through trade, religion, and by being conquered.
Sufis represented the mystical dimension of Islam. This meant that they wanted and searched for a direct and individual experience with the Divine (Strayer 378). Rumi was a perfect example of Sufi sensibility. He was a poet who wrote a substantial amount of works. His poetry provided inspiration, motivation, and direction for many people. In “Poem”, Rumi writes, “Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw him; He was nowhere else” (Strayer 452). This line shows Rumi’s view that god was only found in his heart. He listed places from other religions, such as the cross, ancient temples, caves, and many more. However, god was not found in those places. Sufis wanted to tame their ego and get closer with Allah to attain spiritual union with him rather than focus on the law. Sufi orders were important in the frontier regions of Islam. They…

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