Essay on The, The And, And Self Awareness Imperative

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1. The peace imperative brings up a question of whether or not every single different individual, religion, race, etc. can coexist on planet earth. Peace is a difficult situation to achieve because of how everybody is so different. No matter how much we want to get along with everyone, we all have something different about us that not everybody can agree with. I think that if peace were completely possible without any disagreements whatsoever, the world would be a better place than it is now.
2. I think that the 3 imperatives that are most relevant to me are the technological, demographics, and self-awareness imperative. The technological imperative is about how people are connected to each other through text, the social media, and even through voice mails. This is relevant to me because I am from the generation that can’t seem to let go of their phones for too long. I sometimes catch myself checking my phone several times throughout the day. But even though it’s become a type of addiction to me, I can use the social media to communicate with friends from a far and to my relatives that live in the Philippines. The demographic imperative is about how the demographics of the US is changing because of immigration. Immigration means that there are a many diverse people that are looking for new opportunities. This is relevant to me because I am also an immigrant. I came to the US with my mom and older sister at a young age through a petition made by my uncle. I grew up in an area…

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