The Text Managing Healthcare Ethically An Executives Guide By William A

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Week One: Forum One: The text Managing Healthcare Ethically An Executives Guide by William A. Nelson and Paul B. Hofmann gives readers insight to address the real life ethic decision making. Every day the world makes ethical decisions knowingly and unknowingly. Since ethics is a part everyday culture, it makes sense to have a guideline. Ethical guidelines help healthcare professionals comprehend how to arrive at an ethical decision and the ramifications that follow. The course MGE 8256 requires students to search through the important text to select which ethic policies and practices students agree and disagree. After careful analysis of the textbook author Ms. New concurs with the Values Of An Ethics Audit (p231), Ethics Self-Assessment (pg298) and Organizational Ethics Decision Making Process (pg308). However, Ms. New disagrees with Near the End of Life Decisions (pg 273) and Ethical Decision Making for Healthcare Executives (pg 278).
Values of an Ethics Audit An ethics audit is a “systematic evaluation of an organization’s ethics program and performance to determine whether it is effective” ( . The values of an audit by Paul B. Hofmann Dr.PH, FACHE is important literature because each HCO needs to understand how the audit process helps to uncover their weaknesses to strengthen healthcare. Finding areas early in the process allows departments such as Compliance Management in HCOs contribute to uncovering and fixing those areas before larger mishaps and…

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