The Texas Constitution Should Be Rewritten Or Not? Essay

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The current debate is on whether the Texas Constitution should be rewritten or not. Therefore, here a number of arguments for and against the rewriting of the constitution are represented. The proponents and opponents of the Texas Constitution to be rewritten have strong arguments to support or deny the idea.
First of all, the Constitution is too long and needs to be organized. It is one of the constitutions that have gone through many amendments making it more complex and the longest of all the constitutions of the United States (Hooks: 2011). In fact it has the fourth highest number of amendments behind Alabama, California and South Carolina. The reason is that amending the state’s constitution is easy because of Texas low bar. Another reason for having so many amendments is that Texas like many other states, the powers of state government is viewed as highly restrictive by the Texas Constitution. These two factors differ significantly from the US Constitution. In short, Texas Constitution is difficult to read and understand and is disorganized due to which it needs to be rewritten (
The opponents of rewriting the constitution claim that at least Texas Constitution is not the most awkward and is behind Alabama, California and South Carolina. Those States’ constitutions are longer and have more amendments (Hooks: 2011).
The outdated Constitution of Texas causes a number of burdens. First of all, the issue caused by the constitution is of underpaid…

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