Essay on The Test Of The Pill

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The overall appearance is first, the pill boxes are rectangular prisms, 7 inches wide, by 1 inch deep, and 1 inch in length. Each pill organizer is rotated, according to its’ correlating paragraph. Each pill box is approximately 4 inches away from one another. The tubes are inserted into the holes that are directly across from their latched chambers. These tubes are then cut in half widthwise, so that eat tube is now 3 inches in length. These tubes are now 2 inches long and the containers are 4 inches away from one another. 1 inch of the tube is in each of the chambers.
Now that the hinges are in the containers the hinges are attached so the invention may become smaller.

Pill Organizer 1
This pill organizer is 7 inches in width, 1 inch in height, and 1 inch in length. While one organizer’s upper lids would be of clear yellow tinted plastic.The container would be divided into 7 even sections. Each sections lid would have the days initial(s) printed on the correlating upper tinted lid. The container will be standing on its’ side, for a further description, if a container were to be sitting flat on a surface with the upper tinted half facing up and the letters being readable from left to right. The lower container (A) where the pill lands would be turned approximately around flat on its’ surface 180 degrees clockwise, thus the letters would then be upside down. It would then be rotated so that the upper tinted halves hinges’ would now be on the flat surface. A hole would…

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