The Tell Tale Heart And The Black Cat Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Both stories use repetition of language to further explain the deep messages of the two tales. For example, the words, "madness","insanity", and "sagacity" are used to describe the man in "The Tell-Tale Heart". Furthermore, the words "peevish", "atrocity", and "vex" are used in "The Black Cat" to describe the main character 's relationship with the cat. Both stories have a mood of horror that is used to frighten the reader by utilizing the tools of murder and obsession. Furthermore, Poe employs intensive detail as he highlights the murder scenes of both tales. For Example, in "The Tell-Tale Heart", the main character reflects, "The old man 's hour had come… his eyes would trouble me no more". In, "The Black Cat", the main character remembers, "The fury of a demon instantly possessed me… I shudder while I pen the damnable atrocity." These examples show the similarities and differences between the structures of the two short

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