Essay on The Television Show, Mad Men, By Roger Sterling

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In the 1960’s, men were notorious, overpowering, and degrading towards women in the workforce and at home. In today’s society, many argue that women do not receive the same rights and privileges as the men. Not only do women not receive the same rights as men, but many men and women believe that there is a discrepancy when it deals with the amount a man earns compared to a woman, displaying the inequality between genders. In the television show, Mad Men, the show portrays the lives of the employees of Sterling Cooper Agency, an advertisement agency owned by Roger Sterling (John Slattery) but focusing on the life of Don Draper (John Hamm), Creative Director of Sterling Cooper and the protagonist of the show. At the time, advertising agencies were not respectable because the employees in the workforce were deemed untrustworthy and scammers. In the episode “Shoot”, it focuses on the employees at Sterling Cooper Agency degrading the coworkers in the workplace, especially women, to show the men’s dominance and status. The show captures the males shooting ideas, shooting mistakes, or shooting decisions. With the portrayal of the stereotypical gender roles from the 1960’s, there is no doubt that the men from the episode- Don Draper, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), and Jim Hobart (H. Richard Greene)- although not carrying the same respect in Sterling Cooper Agency, all disrespect the men and women around. The men in this episode illustrate the multiple interpretations of the…

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