The Technology Of Space Exploration And Physics Essay

2240 Words May 4th, 2016 9 Pages
We’re currently in the technology era, with new things being developed and discovered almost every day. Something crazy is always in the works and the next big technology always seems to be right around the corner. Self-driving cars and iPhones aside, some of the biggest advancements are happening in the industry of space exploration and physics. SpaceX just recently landed a launched rocket safely onto a barge out in the ocean, LIGO discovered that Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves are real, and most of all the recent Mars missions and mission plans. The idea of humanity possibly going to another planet is a crazy one. And to think that there’s talk of making it our future home is an even bigger deal. With all of the things going on involving space and humanity reaching out to another planet brings up one major topic that people have been wondering about for centuries. What about aliens? Aliens have always been a hot topic and considered a legend or a sci-fi story. With all these discoveries though it makes the sci-fi seem less “fi.” There have been many developments in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Scientists are using new tools, creating new theories, and trying to expand our presence in the universe in hopes of finding others that maybe are doing the same. Extraterrestrial intelligence, from here on known as EI, is more than likely out there, it’s just a matter of proving it. The first step to finding EI is to define what it is we’re looking…

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