The Technology And Its Impact On Modern Society Essay

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Sociologist Alvin Toffler was concerned with the speed at which we are adapting and ‘developing’ through new technologies. It appears that our development is relative. For example there was a concern with the invention of the steam locomotive that the never before reached speed of a maximum 15mph would be fast enough to crush the passengers because of the pressure. Obviously since then the technology and our understanding of it has greatly developed and we would now step on a train to travel at five times that speed without questioning it. And so we look back on this now with retrospective amusement. But if we were to set out on foot to make this same journey, the potential for us to have experiences that may contribute to our personalities is practically unlimited. And of course the best teacher is experience. Similarly it is hard to imagine life without smartphones yet the technology that they embody was almost inconceivable just 40 odd years ago let alone that it would be in the pockets of almost everyone in western society. The acceptance of this technological development profoundly changes our experience of life in turn impacting the evolution of our species. When we shake off the initial and inevitable scepticism of new technology and begin to embrace the fruits of our most forward thinking designers, our lives become more efficient. For example, continuing with the analogy of the locomotive, if we travel quicker we have more time at our destination to proceed with our…

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