The Teachers At Worland High School Essay

1809 Words Mar 4th, 2015 null Page
If you’ve ever walked down the halls of Worland High School in the last couple of years then you are probably familiar with a certain teacher who has been mesmerizing and inspiring students for years. This teacher, like many teachers at Worland High, has the ability to transform students from simple minded balls of clay, to Michelangelo sculpted philosophers. The teacher about whom I’m talking of is not only a teacher, but a doctor which is even more reason to believe everything that he says. This is, of course, is Dr. Tim McGee, English teacher at Worland High School. Dr. McGee has been teaching at our high school for quite some time now and has been posing students questions without any answers for just as long. If you walk down the hallways at Worland High, especially the Senior/Junior hallway, you are more than likely going to hear his name mentioned at least once regarding various school activities. Whether it be about the homework assignment or what they discussed in a lecture earlier, Dr. McGee is always being talked about. Personally, Dr. McGee has always puzzled me a little more than anyone else; for instance the way that he dresses compared to other teachers, Dr. McGee will come to school every day wearing a button up shirt with corresponding pants and a white undershirt. You know that he’s wearing an undershirt because he leaves at least the top button of his shirt unsnapped, showing off his white undershirt and his globe necklace. Now I’m not saying that he…

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