The Taming Of The Shrew Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Kate and Petruchio’s first meeting consists of Kate ignoring and insulting Petruchio, while he consistently returns her offenses with compliments of her beauty and personality. Petruchio stands his ground and never breaks out crying; unlike his friend, Hortensio, who falls apart when Kate hits him over his head with a lute. Although to the casual watcher, Petruchio looks like he is failing, he is, indeed, achieving his plan. Proving to the father of your bride is not going to finish off this plan. Petruchio’s pick up lines have helped him plenty, however it might not apply in the next step of taming Kate. Petruchio is not at all what he first appears; at least, insofar as his plan is concerned. After the lovebirds are wed, it is time for Petruchio to initialize and complete the Taming of the Shrew. Petruchio has used his kind words to convince Baptista to give him Katherina’s hand in marriage. However, Petruchio decides to shake things up a bit. The wedding day arrives and the whole crowd is surprised by Petruchio’s rude and unpleasant actions. “[I wish] Katherine had never seen him though!”(3,2,26). Petruchio is …show more content…
Petruchio does not just reveal Kate’s brighter and kinder side for his own luxury but also for everyone in Padua and Verona to see the virtue that they were blind to. Petruchio’s resoluteness does not just provide him with the ability to charm women, merely for love; rather, he does use his wisdom to benefit those he loves, especially Kate. Shakespeare does not just acknowledge valuing others but, hints on superficiality in societies. This places all the magazines and cosmetics in the spotlight. Telling not just young but everyone in general, how to act, look and be. Petruchio and Kate’s marriage brings a new period of happiness and joy to them and their family and friends. In “The Taming of the Shrew”, happiness was found in the very thing people overlooked. Love brought out the very best in what seemed like the very worst. As reasonable people in a society, skip the negativity and discover the positivity because the bad is just not worth

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