Analysis Of The Augustinian Notion Of Happy Life By St. Augustine

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BUNGAY, Blessie Klarriz C.
What is the real object of happiness?
The Augustinian notion of Eudaimonia
As St. Augustine explained his notion on truth and wisdom, he argues that one can attain his/her desired happy life, stated that as one can attain it with the help of the notion of supreme good, wisdom, and truth, one has to attain the three before the latter, which is the happy life. In this paper, I would like to argue on how St. Augustine answers through his notion of Happy Life in reference of Plato, Stoics, and Aristotle’s notion of Eudaimonia. This paper attempts to answer: (1) how can one achieve the desired happiness, in notion of St. Augustine desired happy life and how can the human person enjoys it, (2) how did St.
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A man who cannot get what he desires (e.g. concrete goods), but wise, hence, he is considered happy. For Augustine, happiness is defined through the acquired wisdom by man, not by things that are around us. The true object of happiness is something that cannot be deteriorated, or taken away from us. It must not contain only ephemeral happiness which can only give a person a minute of happiness, which can change in a minute, and the thing will suddenly disappear. Real happiness should also include confidence by which it must provide one’s delight and it should not be immune to any unpredictable fortunes or misfortunes and any external goods. Like for instance, how man can be intellectually good in debates can make a man very happy, versus, a man finally had his own phone and he is finally fulfilled. But days after, happiness does not exist …show more content…
Happiness always begins with the gift of God’s love, wherein God loves His children as He created us. Also, for Augustine, according to his works in The Confessions, he explained that a happy life also includes loving God, wherein one should love God wholeheartedly and faithfully, since God is the supreme and excellent, which is known as the perfection. A man’s happy life also consists of seeking God, which one makes a person happy. According to the dialogue happy life, one should possess God in oneself. For him, if a man still seeks God, therefore, he still hasn’t God, yet, he is already living well. He made into the conclusion that every man that lives well possesses God within them. But according to Augustine, man always has God within us. A person who lives well have God favourably inclined within us, and if a man lives in evil, he did not incline God favourably. God can be also the ultimate end, in which through love, we can reach him and become one of him, but, we cannot surpass him by any means of goodness since he is the ultimate good. We are formed from goodness and wants our happiness be far better as we accomplish it. Without God, one cannot achieve his end

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