The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essays

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The Syrian refugee crisis has become The European Unions main focus over the last several months. There are countries such as Germany and Sweden who have been accepting large amounts of migrants. Other countries have been creating “hot spots” where asylum seekers can be registered when they are making their travel to Europe. The EU has agreed to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers over the next two years out of the more populated countries. But all of theses efforts simple are not enough. The EU has identified its common preferences and desired goals to solve this humanitarian crisis. In order to reach these goals new and old policies need to be revised and implemented. Its hard to identify what policies can solve this crisis but a decisions needs to be made soon. The European Unions needs to unite its member states and come to a conclusion on a common policy as a strong international actor.
The worse migrant crisis since World War II is a direct result from the conflict in Syria. This internal battle has become reason for people to flee Syria. People feel unsafe and that their family’s well being would be at risk if they were to stay. More than 12 million people are displaced and need humanitarian assistance. Many asylum seekers, immigrants, and refugees are turning to member states of the European Union for help. In 2015, over 1.1 million have arrived in Germany alone (Mousison). Some reach Europe by sea while others via land. The routes people have to take are extremely…

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