The Syntax of Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Essay examples

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With a war within a whole country between two appendages from the same body, it took incredible patience and the right choice of words to create unity once more. On March 4, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln had a strong grip on where to go and how to fix the United States in his Second Inaugural Address that didn’t exclude anyone in the U.S. when he alliterated and reiterated the words of unity and mixed in subliminal persuasions of ending the Civil War. Even when being a President of a powerful nation, Lincoln did not succumb to “Me" and “I"'s and, in fact, only refers to himself once in his address when he “trusts” that their “progress…is…reasonably satisfactory and encouraging to all” letting the listeners know that this isn’t about …show more content…
He seems almost ashamed at the country, after all the hard work done to become the nation established without consent from the British government, yet he places the blame within his own hands along with every other human living there and if God is to judge, then God is to judge. Lincoln sometimes balances between being condescending and being brutally truthful, but the point he raises seems as though no one can question him, giving him the

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