Jfk And Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Analysis

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The Strength of Words Together
How many times do parents, teachers, or friends give instructions or ask a favor in return of nothing other than the casual nod? Their words hushed by the blandness of their rhetoric. Individuals carry many responsibilities and jobs to live life. Their day-to-day schedule ever changing by the abruptness and difficulties life brings. Additionally, the obstinacy of humans refuses to change their plans and most importantly, their values that they preserved their whole life. As presidents of the United States, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln supported similar ideas for their nation. The style in Kennedy’s “Inaugural Address” and Lincoln’s “Second Inaugural Address” effectively outlines their intentions as President of the United States. The ideas in their inaugural speeches focus on changing the way people think of them and bringing the nation together. The similarities in their speeches fight the obstinacy of the people and bring them together as a nation. Through Kennedy and Lincoln’s use of rhetorical style and elements in their inaugural addresses’, they succeeded in achieving their goal of unity.
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Their speeches stress mainly about unifying the citizens as a nation and creating a “global alliance” (Kennedy). More specifically, Kennedy elaborates on his patriotism of his country to win support of his nation that positions him to create peace around the world. Meanwhile, Lincoln signifies in his “Second Inaugural Address” the responsibility as a nation to come together after a civil war. He seeks restoration in order to build “lasting peace […] with all nations” (Lincoln). Essentially, people accomplish a fraction divided, opposed to working together. Lincoln and Kennedy can go so far with a little more than half the nation’s support. They need a nation’s effort in the same direction to be

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