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Husband and wife marital counselors find their own marriage in trouble when the husband begins an affair with the wife of a couple living in their home prompting the foursome to agree to an unconventional living arrangment.

MAGGIE and ELLIOT WILSON (middle aged) are relationship counselors who counsel others on how to keep love, passion, and intimacy alive in a marriage. Their own marriage is tested when Elliot band Maggie invite KAREN and ARNIE GREEN into their home while their own home is being constructed. Soon Elliot and Karen become attractive to each other and begin a secret affair.
While Maggie tries to reignite the passion in her marriage, Elliot is sneaking off with Karen. Feeling guilty both Karen and Elliot eventually
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She finally comes to terms of why she has stayed in her marriage for so long. It’s her fear of being alone, or losing things, and her fear of what others would think about her, especially her mother. No longer afraid, Maggie finishes the book she has been writing, is able to live her life without Elliot, and forges a new friendship with Karen and Arnie.
THE RATIONAL SOLUTION is a delightful script. It’s the type of story that one can effortlessly envision as a film. The script brings four colorful and enchanting characters to life for the audience. The plot is straightforward, engaging, and the characters presented are highly authentic and distinctive.
The plot regarding relationship counselors struggling to save their own marriage easily creates natural conflict. Moreover, the idea that the husband is having an affair with the wife of a couple living in their own home raises the stakes and the threat of discovery.
The unconventional living situation adds a unique hook to the plot that sets it apart from other films about infidelity. The characters are confronted by strong moral decisions and choices with strong consequences. It’s just a delight to watch them as they try to navigate an irrational dilemma with a rational
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He seems to drive the plot. He’s the one with the moral quandary and he’s the one that seems to have the most conflict about Karen and Maggie. Maggie may be seen as a bit too passive in her reaction to the situation.
However, at the end, it clearly feels like Maggie story when she leaves Elliot and resolves her inner conflict.
The ending might also be considered a bit ambiguous. At first one thinks Maggie is with Arnie, but then the delightful, spirited Karen bounces out with the puppy, fulfilling her motherhood need and stability. On paper it’s not clear if Karen and Arnie are definitely together, but honestly one hopes they are. To make it clearer, maybe they hold or touch hands.
The highlight of the script is no doubt the characters. These are great character roles for talent as they present with deep personal conflict. Each character is flawed. They need to understand their flaws. The audience easily identifies with them and their moral dilemma. The audience wants each of them to be happy. Yet, the audience, like the characters, isn’t really sure what the “rational solution” is. The audience vacillates regarding what they want for these characters. The viewing audience will definitely welcome these four characters into their

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