The Symbol Of The Legal System Essay example

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Lady Justice has been the symbol of the legal system in America as the standard which all that practice law should follow. Since the era of the civil rights movement the premise has been and should still be that all people in the United States are equal. Despite countless efforts there is still a flaw in the system and that flaw roots itself in racism. In fact, there is a racial divide that separates those who practice law from those that are to uphold the law. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated “justice cannot be for one side, but must be for both sides” (, 2014). This insight is not carried out by those who uphold the law or pass down judgments. The blacks in America, which make up small portions of the population, have become the target of a justice system that is not blind or equal. It is apparent given the many instances of injustices that are spread by mainstream media that the scales of Lady Justice are not even and furthermore it is apparent that her blindfold has fallen off. The mistreatment of black people has always been a part of American culture this still goes on presently. From the adults to the children they bear it is obvious that a majority are being handled as second class citizens. The cases are many and an examination of several of them allows for a pattern of mistreatment to become evident.
The justice system would have us believe that there are efforts being aimed at eliminating racism “root and branch” (Sterling 2245). The case of…

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