The Sustainability Practices Of Westpac Essay

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Westpac is one of the top sustainable companies in Australia that produce a standalone social report. The company is aiming to remain sustainability by anticipating and actively making improvement over social issues as a way creating value to the company’s business. This report examines the sustainability practices of Westpac recently with the compliance sustainability report with the Global reporting Initiatives. The results show that Westpac is doing well with their performance, however, it wasn’t as good as the year of 2014 since there were areas that needed improvement.

Westpact continued to growth throughout the pacific region with strong balance sheet, remaining high quality and performance from their franchises. Besides that, Westpac has successfully delivered on aimed strategy to remain on the world’s top sustainable companies with an increased significantly on investment by 1.3$ billion that contribute to the growth in services (Liondis, 2014). Westpac also launched programs support customer services enhance the consistent in transaction process that contribute to increasing customers satisfaction.

By using GRI, Westpac has made themselves to be one of the top leading companies in maintaining and conducting sustainability strategy. Besides that, Westpac has established sustainability strategy initiatives in which includes UN global compact, principles of responsible investing and lending, as well as human right principles with new indicators that are created to…

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