Essay on The Sun King Louis Xiv as the Epitome of Absolute Monarchy

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The Idea of an Absolute Monarchy began to spread throughout Europe in the 17th century. Although absolution eventually occurred throughout Europe, its origins is accredited to France during the reign of Louis XIV. It was works such as ‘Leviathan’ by Thomas Hobbes, that advocated an authoritarian monarchy, that helped the establishment of this movement. In his theory, “ The war of all against all ( bellum omniun contra omnes) could only be averted by strong centralized government. It was this desire for centralized power that motivated Louis XIV, making him one of the most influential absolute monarch in history. He embodied the true notion of what being an absolute leader meant, by bestowing sovereign power onto himself, self proclaiming …show more content…
Once the power was slowly stripped from the nobles, the existence of small states and province was dissolved into a unified country. Its marked the end of the feudalistic condition, which had haunted France for hundreds of years. Because King Louis wanted to distance the nobles, he appointed various competent ministers. Among these was the very influential Jean-Baptiste Colbert who was the economic minister. Colbert developed the idea of Mercantilism which is an economic policy, regulating the level of imports compared to exports. In an attempt to make France self-sufficient in terms of trade, taxes was implemented on import products causing the country’s export rates to increase. In order to prevent the a nobility rebellion, King Louis abolished taxation on the Nobility. Louis XIV was well know for the 33 years of on going wars in attempts to expand France. This multitude of wars brought about the need of a powerful and efficient army. Unlike the previous armies which were small and ruled by various nobles, Louis form a massive one controlled by the state. This established Louis XIV as the leader of a very powerful and effective army. Even though it was a time of war, Louis was still focused on entertainment, causing the arts to flourish under his reign. Louis XIV is famous for his support of Classicism, which was an art form developed during his time. This

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