Essay about The Succession Of Willy Loman 's Tragedy

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The Succession of Willy Loman’s Tragedy It was once said that one flap of a butterflies’ wings can be enough to cause a hurricane. This proverb holds true in the nature of cause and effect in social interactions, warning one to be aware of how actions can cause rash outcomes. Arthur Miller follows the disappointments of his troubled character’s last legs in his play, Death of a Salesman. The play ends with the suicidal death of his character named Willy, inducing readers to point fingers at who is to blame. No one character must bear the entirety of the blame but it is upon multiple characters that were closely related to Willy. Responsibility is laid on Biff because his lack of success drove his father into a sense of failure; Howard, when he took away Willy’s last strand of hope; Linda, who was a bystander and; this group as a collective in their lack of collaboration.
Biff holds up Willy’s alter-ego, and in his failures Biff stabs Willy’s heart. In the flashbacks when Biff is in high school, Willy is full of joy. This is because of Biff and the promise he holds in his football career. Through the dialogue in Willy’s flashbacks one can see that this hopefulness deteriorates as does Biff’s promising future. The play by play of Biff’s continuative failure is shown in Willy’s flashbacks which he commonly expresses verbally; those around Willy notice that the common topic to his mumblings is Biff. Biff, being the main focus on Willy’s mental distress shows how his failure…

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