Essay on The Success Of Your Lifetime

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Success in Your Lifetime
Do you have to go to college in order to have a successful future? One can earn success as long as they try hard to succeed. People think that you can only become successful with a college degree, there are many other options other than school. School is not for everyone, there are other paths such as trade workers or union workers. Going to school might help enhance your opportunity to be successful more then not going to college, but it does not guarantee anything. Going to school does not make you any better then a person who does not go to school.
School is not for everyone, some people are not good test takers, and can not focus well in school. So for those people college may not be the best option. Teachers do not teach in a way that is understandable to all students. All students learn differently and some students may have a hard time with how the teacher teaches, or the teacher does not go over all examples of what could be on the test. Alfie Kohn says in from Degrading to De-Grading “Even the score on a math test is largely a reflection of how the test was written: what skills the teacher decided to assess, what kinds of questions happened to be left out, and how many points each section was ‘worth’” (Kohn 240). For some students they might have teachers that don’t explain how they want certain papers written, or they may be hard graders. These students may end up getting a bad grade in a class and it will effect their grade point…

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