The Success and Failures of Reconstruction Essay

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“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” - Abraham Lincoln. After the Civil War, America was in the era of Reconstruction, which was to bring the eleven seceding states back to a self-government and to be reseated in Congress, civil status of the former leaders of the Confederacy, and the Constitutional and legal status of freedmen. As people focused to attack on these issues, there was also people who thought the opposite was better for America such as, the South did not like some of the ideas that was to come with Reconstruction of America, and also the Klu Klux Klan who was established by white men who supported Reconstruction but not towards legal status of freedmen. The Reconstruction era was not easy to finish and it had …show more content…
More laws that protected the rights of the newly freedmen, and accepted them as men, having the right to vote and speak. Freedmen’s Bureau was formed to prevent people from becoming homeless and poor and education was provided to everyone, and it was forced in the South. The Compromise of 1877 and the Enforcement Act of 1870 which “banned the use of terror, force, or bribery to prevent people from voting because of their race”.

Failures of the Reconstructions were the formation of the Klu Klux Klan who were people who wore robes and masks and pretended to be ghost of the Confederate soldiers, they were scared of change and the rising rights of the African Americans. Poverty struck the South bad because many white southerns lost their land and the blacks were newly freed, but there was little jobs offered to African Americans. The industrialization in the South was too slow and sharecropping and tenant farming brought more complications because it was unfair to the laborers on the land. Corruption of taxes because little percent would be used to help and the rest would go in the government’s pockets. Taxes were raised in order to rebuild the South and Jim Crow Laws which supported discrimination and racial segregation. The Reconstruction went though a lot of battles on issues to get through of the aftermath of the

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