The Study Of Evangelism By Paul Chilcote And Laceye Warner Essays

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In “The Study of Evangelism,” Paul Chilcote and Laceye Warner draws from many ecumenical voices a compilation of collective essays and perspectives from worldwide individuals who have involved themselves in evangelization in their respective faith communities and the church. The authors utilizes fundamental teachings for persons who desire to take on the task of evangelism by rediscovering ways in which evangelization can be centered and grounded as an vital facet of the faith communities’ mission. As well as, to rethink the practice of mission for the church. The topics and titles covers a vast collection of compositions that provides the church and faith communities alike with key resources for effective evangelistic practice. The essays are divided into six distinctive parts of assorted writings which gives a concrete theoretical foundation for meaningful dialogue about the church 's practice of evangelism for past, present and future discourse. In short, the objective for the essays is to vitalize thoughtful and open communication about the practice of evangelism within the church and faith communities.
The three most significant lessons that stood out for me were: Part One. Evangelism: Theological Currents and Cross-Currents Today, which includes one well-meaning essay, in chapter one, by David J. Bosch. Bosch helped expand my knowledge of the redefinition towards evangelism. What resonated with me mostly was how this statement aligns with my own theology, “Evangelism…

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