Essay on The Student Nurse Is Slowly Progressing

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The essay is all about the student nurse exploring new strategies and revising the study skills that she already has to progress in her studies. However, in order for the student nurse to develop more on her study skills and to progress through the course, the student nurse needs to identify the skills and qualities she needs and to manage her time to study during her free times and to develop more on herself confident. And by doing this, the student nurse would be able to become more organise, responsible, self-efficient and she will improve more on her academic skills.

The academic literature, writing and reading skills of the student nurse is slowly progressing. The student nurse was able to meet the standard needed for her assignments with the help of the feedbacks on her assignments from her tutors. For example, in order to meet all the needed standard in her assignments, the student nurse needs to put the due date and the word count in the body of the document rather than putting it in the header, she also needs to work on her grammar, punctuations, and structuring her essay well, and lastly, she needs to ensure that she will self-evaluate her assignment in all of the learning outcomes needed for the assignment. Therefore, changes and improvements in her writing skills can be noticed.

Another example for the student nurse to meet the standard needed for her essay assignment is that the student nurse needs to meet the learning outcome 7 about demonstrating academic…

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