The Struggle For Rights Around The World Essay

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The decades of 20 and 30 were marked by suffering and struggle for rights around the world, for example in South America and Europa. In Brazil a dictator government was being implemented by Getúlio Vargas, while in Germany not only a new and severe government, however new ideals and beliefs were dominating through the Nazism ruled by Adolf Hitler, who manipulated so much the German people’s mind that they started supporting him in the atrocities he was commenting. In this period many battles were fought between governments and people seeking for their rights, for better living conditions and even for their lives. In the Nazi Germany thousands of people suddenly became a target, amongst them were jewish, homosexuals, communists and even people with deficiency, either mental or physical. In the middle of all this, a heroic woman stood out among the others, for her braveness and ideals. Her name was Olga Benário, and in the 1900’s she was born in Germany to a middle-class jewish family, where her father influenced her ideals of equality (Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia - 2000) by taking care of the poorest than them. She is considered a heroine of the time for risking her life for her ideals, fighting against what she thought was wrong, persisting, and continue helping people as much as she could, despite personal suffering. Olga was always there for her comrades, helping them personally. Even being a German-Jewish fighting for the communism side (Women in…

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