The Structural Approach : A Concrete Conceptual Map Essay

1013 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
The structural approach gives the practitioner a concrete conceptual map about what should be happening in a family if it is to be functional; it also provides maps about what is awry in the family if it is considered to by dysfunctional (Becvar & Becvar). A concrete conceptual map is a tool for organizing and representing knowledge. The map also helps define the relationship between concepts indicated by a connecting line linking two concepts. I also think that the conceptual map helps determine the structure of the family if the family is roughly dysfunction, or functional. When I viewed my family, the structure of the family seems functional at certain points, where the relationship between the siblings is pretty good, when it is time to connect with the parents to build a relationship; it feels as though there is a lack of communication. Structural Family therapy Focus on patterns of interaction within the family, which give clues as to the basic structure and organization of the system (Becvar & Becvar). From my perspective when a family doesn’t have a pattern, which tells me that, the family may be dysfunctional. The basic structure of a family is when things are organized, consistent, and functional. The structural theory defines three subsystems, which make up for the functional family which is spouse system, parental subsystem, and sibling subsystem. I agree with the sibling subsystem because with my family my parents allowed us to be children and to experiment with…

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