The Strategy Of Containment

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In this section, I am going to explain why it is beneficial for a superpower to have a grand strategy (or maybe finish the last paragraph with that). The policy of containment of the United States during the Cold war perfectly shows the purposefulness of having a coherent, clear and functioning high strategy for superpowers. I believe that it is one of the most successful and clear examples of how grand strategy can actually work – maybe in the end of the paragraph. It was firstly designed by George Kennan and its main aim was to prevent the spread of communism throughout the globe and domestically. I have decided to split the policy of containment into three parts (economic, military and ideological) in order to show how it was successful …show more content…
In my view, Americans have succeeded at containing the Soviet Union economically because the American free market economy has proven to be much more efficient and successful than the Soviet planned economy, which was one of the main reasons of the collapse of the USSR later in 1991. Ideologically, even though some of American actions against the communists domestically were criticized for being undemocratic the strategy demonstrated that the “the brilliance of communist idea” did not reach the heads of many American people. The collapse of the Soviet Union, partly as a result of successful American grand strategy, has put the United States at the peak of world order and it still enjoys the benefits of …show more content…
Part of my main argument is that every superpower should have a coherent high strategy in order to achieve its political goals. In this section I will argue that lack of grand strategic thinking among the political elites in Germany has led to its total destruction. The aims or political objectives that Germany had at that time were unachievable with the war that the Germany started. “Germany’s growing wealth and productivity would inevitable, by itself have dominated the region and gain her all the allies she needed. Germany could have become world power without fighting the wars.
In accordance with John Gaddis, there was lack of grand strategy from the American government on what to do after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Critique of the notion of grand strategy
Why small states cannot have grand strategies?
In the following section, I am going firstly, to introduce the main critiques of the notion of grand strategy and then explain why this critique is only relevant with smaller

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