The Strategic And Tactical Impact Of Aviation Essay

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Whenever there is a major jump in technology, a strategic revolution often matches it. The industrial revolution and steam power completely swung the strategic advantage from the offensive to the defensive, evidenced through the Civil War. In the context of the Navy, one of the latest technological innovations is aviation; it was being integrated into the Navy before World War I, but wasn’t advanced enough to be of any major strategic use until World War II. For this reason, the strategic and tactical impact of aviation is most visible through the scope of World War II. With the advent of aviation and its integration into the Navy came a shift in naval strategy and tactics; this presented much strategic merit as well as logistic complications.
Aviation essentially added an entirely new dimension to warfare in general – not just the Navy. Before, all military strategists would need to look at were the land, the sea, and the interaction between the two. All of this, of course, can be simplified to two dimensions. Aviation expands and complicates that view. Like most new technologies, aviation stumbled a lot taking its first steps. Initial hope and excitement for integration of aviation into the Navy fizzled out pretty quickly amongst those not actively involved in its development after it became evident exactly how technical and precise the construction of “flying machines” are. Enough high-end officials pushed through to see aviation realize its potential to prevent it from…

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