The Strange Cases Of Dr.jekyll And Mr. Hyde, The Hunger Games, Dracula And Beowulf

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There are many morels that have happened over time from now and from back in the Victorian eras. There was different sets of morals over time based on religion and other perceptions of good and evil in literature and different forms media going back from the Victorian era till now. In the books the strange cases of Dr .Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the hunger games, Dracula and Beowulf this are some of the literate that support the morels and how good and evil was perceive and how their actions were justified as good or evil. The thesis for this paper is that morals and perception of good and evil in society and in media try’s to justify their actions and how society at that time perceive it as good or evil set to be morally as right or wrong in their time period and how some are glorified for doing morel evils and wrongs set by other outlets of medias religion, and there society in their time. How good and evil is perceived in the book Dracula is in the form of a vampire named Dracula that is evil because of the morals of the is shown in the text that show him as evil. Because back in that era they would go back to the bible to justify there action as evil because of the killings and the unholy action. Most of this book had the concept of good and evil having to do with lust and killing and what they perceived as evil based on what they believed in their time witch was mostly religion.” In Dracula focuses primarily concepts of lust, sex and evil as they…

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