Satan Nature In Dracula

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How does the undead nature of Dracula affect the outcome of other characters lives? In the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, Jonathan the main character travels to Count Dracula’s castle to tell him about some real estate; however, he gets trapped inside with Count who possesses inhuman powers. Jonathan manages to escape back home returning to his fiancee Mina Murray. Mina spends most of the time when Jonathan is gone with her best friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy’s character develops after she has an unfortunate encounter with Dracula. His undead nature leads to a variety of different outcomes for all the characters. The powers that Dracula possess reach a point where it is unsafe for him to continue living. As the novel comes to an end, the characters …show more content…
Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania on a business trip, he must stay in Dracula’s house but does not know what mayhem he is in for. Dracula does multiple things that prove his undead nature, but one example is when Jonathan is shaving. Count came into the room Jonathan was shaving in and his reflection never showed in the mirror. Then Jonathan cut himself and Dracula grabbed his neck attempting to suck his blood. Jonathan shows his curiosity by exploring the castle when Dracula is sleeping. Along with the curiosity he developes, comes bravery, Jonathan stayed fearless throughout the weird and almost deadly encounters with Dracula. As the novel is coming to an end Jonathan writes “All, big and little, must go down; perhaps at the end the little things teach us most” (Stoker 248). Jonathan gets motivation from the undead nature of Dracula as he plans to get payback. The little things like being fearless and curious stick with Jonathan as the hunt is on to kill Dracula. In the end the team finds and kills Dracula, Jonathan 's experiences early on aid him in the killing the cruel vampire. The plan to kill Dracula shows the supernatural elements because he is causing harm to other characters, putting them in dangerl. Dracula’s undead nature had a deadly conclusion in Lucy’s case however it turned on him as Jonathan used the times with Dracula as motivation to kill

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