The Storyteller By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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“The storyteller” is an article by Sandra Cisneros about her life journey beginning from post graduate school to a school teacher. In between she writes about her life in the point of views of a dependent, a growing writer, and a teacher, with short descriptions that gives the reader a glimpse of her mentality on each stage. All that is mixed up into the life of an average Hispanic woman from Chicago.
Halfway through her article, during her “growing writer” stage, Cisneros writes a paragraph about what her and her friends do together. About how they all put in tremendous effort to do things for no capital. “…I invite these friends to come to my apartment to workshop each other’s writing…we finish our collaborations in the early hours before dawn…organize monthly art events at my brothers Keek’s apartment...We do this with no capital except our valuable time” (Cisneros,49). To some people who don’t live in the art world, this seems like a waste of time. Cisneros defends her and her friends actions by stating “We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning” (Cisneros,49).
The “we” in then quote is her and her friends, basically anyone living the artist life. The “we” are also the people she loves as stated in the second part of the quote. “We” are her friends that she loves are artist like herself. I think when she says “fire” and “burning” she doesn’t mean destruction like what normally happens to a house on fire. I think she…

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