The Story Of The Hour By Kate Chopin Essay examples

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In the nineteenth century, males were considered to be the dominant gender while females were considered to be the passive one. As time went by however, women slowly started to ask about their role in society. The result of their questioning was a societal war between males and females in several ways which included withdrawal, revolt, and actions. At this time, female authors wrote of the victories and defeats of women through characters who tried to change their assigned roles in society. Louise Mallard in “The Story of the Hour” by Kate Chopin, Louise, had a difficult time with her female selfhood during the Victorian Era. In the story Louise Mallard comes to the realization of self and a new life through the death of her husband (Skredsvig 93). In the story, Chopin depicts Louise Mallard as a female who is dependant, feminine, and fragile. She is the typical nineteenth century wife. She becomes a self-assertive individual while she believes that husband Brently, has died in a tragic railroad accident. Ironically, though, Chopin also demonstrates that Louise’s feelings of independence are only a dream because such a notion of freedom outside of a traditional marriage was something out of reach for women of the nineteenth century. In this story, Chopin suggests the subject matter of the importance of a woman’s feelings of individual identity aside from her role as a wife and aside from a marriage (Skredsvig 91). At the beginning of the story, Chopin’s character…

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