Who Is Mrs Mallard In The Story Of An Hour

Being Let Down “The Story of an Hour” is a short story in which the author, Kate Chopin, tells a story of a rare and unsettling view on the rights and marriages of women in the late eighteen hundreds. The main character, Mrs. Louis Mallard, learns of her husband’s, Brantly Mallard, death in a railroad accident and is rather relieved. Mrs. Mallard feels joy and freedom with the news but why? In “The Story of an Hour” Chopin tells a reflection and view that seems guided and controlled. Mrs. Mallard’s thoughts of being free were over; just as soon as they began. Even though Chopin does not tell the story in third person her observations and relation to the Mallards marriage is far more than what can be physically observed. The readers are made to look into Mrs. Mallard’s actions to tell …show more content…
Mallard heard the door open with a latch key with Mr. Mallard behind it. (Page 3) this killed Mrs. Mallard, the thought of her husband being dead lead her to happiness knowing her life was hers and hers alone but when Mr. Mallard walk through the door all of that freedom vanished. The slight idea of freedom was now gone and her heart was breaking. Mrs. Mallard had handled the news of her husband’s death so well only to die with the news of her husband’s life. (Page 3) Mrs. Mallard was simply unhappy with the way that her life was decided for her and that her husband had so much impact on her choices without her approval and there was no way to change that. Her life was over; only it had just begun. In “The Story of an Hour” Chopin tells a short story based on the news and reaction of Mrs. Louise Mallard after learning of her husband’s death. Mrs. Mallard was not unhappy due to the physical aspect of the marriage but unhappy due to the emotional and mental aspects. Louise was not ready to give up the newly found freedom and the fact that it was over and her life would return to what it was, directed and controlled; she

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