The Story Of Penny Stood Naked Essays

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Penny stood naked, looking out her bedroom window. The cool breeze caressing her skin. She could not believe the remarkable opportunity she was given. Sure she would be sharing a house with Cole, but there were worse things that could happen. At twenty-two years of age she was heading a design company. She pulled her long blonde hair into a ponytail, she loved the view from her window. She could see the studio from her room, she was anxious to get out there and begin working. Penny was so lost in thought she failed to hear her door open.
Cole could not believe his eyes. Penny stood there in perfect nakedness. For the first time since they met he burned every inch of her body into his memory. She had small shoulders, he was amazed at the burden she carried on them. Her back flawless tapered into a smallish waist. She was not fat by any means, curvy and just right for him. Her hips flared out before tapering into long athletic legs. Her skin was milky white, the Texas sun would add a bit of color in no time. Penny was truly flawless and so comfortable in her nakedness. Cole on the other hand was having a very hard time turning away from her. He knew he should announce his presence but he did not want to disturb her. One of the dogs barked, Cole did not know which one causing Penny to turn towards him. All Cole could do was stand there staring at her perfect breasts and flat stomach.
“Cole!” She gasped in surprise. “Don’t you knock?” Penny searched for something to cover…

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