Quartering Act Essay

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Quartering Act is the act which requires the colonial legislatures to provide weapons, foods, shelters and all other kinds of different supplies for British troops in North America in 1766 (David, The American Journey, page 122). Because of the strict taxation that English exert to America and increased resistance movement of people, the North American colonies have to enhance their military force to maintain the stability, which results in the lack of official troops at North America and the discontentment of citizens.

Protest: This law was not widely accepted in all North American colonies. People from colonies cherish the land that they got from French by the war, so they were really angry about this act.(David, page 122). When the act
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A lot of items, such as playing cards, stamped paper, and government document, were required to raise taxation as a result of this act (David, The American Journey, page 125). In October, the Stamp Act Congress denied the declaration of Right which against the Stamp Act. All nine colonies showed the loyalty to the British emperor, which caused that Parliament could tax the money to printing matters as much as they want, which affected the American native publishing industry. In many colonies at that time, many kinds of presswork, such as newspapers, were not able to publish by themselves. (David, page 125) Also, the parliament rejected all petitions from colonies, which caused numerous …show more content…
It was the act which repealed to the Stamp Act. The Parliament started to gain the authority to legislate for the colonies. (David, The American Journey, page 127).

Protest: Colony people were claiming that the Stamp Act is unconstitutional. They did not trust the new Declaratory Act because that the act did not state clearly on how large the parliament 's power should be. The parliament could continue establishing laws to the colony if they wanted to. People form colonies could not accept these laws because they thought the new law was the access to tax more revenues in these colonies.(David, page 127)

Townshend Duty Act of 1767 raised the tax on a lot of import goods shipped from the England. These items including glass, tea, paper, lead and print. (David, The American Journey, page 122)

Townshed knew that the British’s debt still be unpaid. To solve this problem, Townshed increased the taxation duties in North American colonies. At the mean time, the government decreased the taxation in the british homeland. He used taxation of colonies to compensate the debt of British government, but reduced the taxation of native British, which made North Americans felt unfair. Revenue collected from the colony is used to pay for colony governors’ salary. (David, page

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