The Story Of Miles. Essay

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The Story of Miles

It was June 2, 2014 that would forever change my life in the most significant way possible. I remember like it was yesterday that my wife, Jennifer and I were on our way home from grocery shopping and in route to going home my wife decided we needed to detour to the closest mini mart to pick up a pregnancy test. For the past week Jennifer had similar symptoms of being pregnant but was very hesitant to take the test due to disappointment in the past with infertility. For the past 4 years we had tried to have children with no luck, so you can imagine how anxious I became to find out if we were pregnant. I come from a family with two brothers, myself being the youngest and not one of us a parent yet. So that left my mother with not one grandchild. Although my mother did not say much about grandchildren you could tell she was in dire need of wanting a grandchild. As I was carrying groceries inside the house my wife took the test and went to the restroom. All of the sudden I heard Jenn’s exciting laugh and slight disbelief in her voice as I was putting bags of groceries on the counter. I ran down the hall like I had just won the lottery also in disbelief that the very thing I had prayed and wished for had finally came true all in two little lines that meant positive.
Talk about roller coaster of emotions! Finding out that I was soon to take on the role of a “new dad” gave me the chills. Like I stated before it felt as if I had just won the lottery or a…

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