Hills Like White Elephants And The Story Of An Hour

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Compare narrative point of view between “The Story of an Hour” and “Hills Like White Elephants”

There are two stories that we have read with our instructor in class both of them agreed on the same point of view. Women should be treated well and care of their emotions. They are humans that the most sensitive in the world. The culture and society was giving rules that the woman has to stay at the house and just be house maids without any thinking of working outside the house. The other thing, the old culture and society look that the man has to be over the woman and obey the man with whatever he asks for even if he said something bad to do, the woman have to accept and not refuse. The two stories that we have red will approves and shows that
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It is summarized in, a couple lives together and they enjoy their life with love, romance, and understanding each other. They decided to not have a baby and just enjoy their life alone without any responsibility. The lady told her husband that she is pregnant and there will be like a tight will stayed with them forever. The husband refuses that and shouted in her face to leave this dream away and just aborting the child at the earliest time as soon as possible. She tried with him a lot to keep the baby, but the idea still sticks in his mind that they will not need this child. After that, the lady accepts to aborting the child to let her husband be happy and satisfied. In the story she was drinking a lot of beer and she did not show that she are pregnant and she has to avoid drinking because this will let the child live in a big risk that will lead him to death after birth or aborting. This story shows that the women do not have an own opinion, even if it is with a big thing like aborting the child she will accept whatever her man told her to do without thinking for a while with her own choice. A quote from the story when the women said “I don’t care about me. And I’ll do it and then everything will be fine”, pp. (2). By this she means that, she will do whatever her man asked her for even if it is an operation to aborting the child. Also, she will not refuse her …show more content…
This was happening on the old culture and society, but now a day the woman have her own opinion and a special figure print on changing things and solving problems so, she can also share whatever she want to. Recommendations, the woman has to be strong but with a full respect to her husband or any man. The woman can show the man that she is capable of doing many things, and he will love, but she has to use her mind and thinking very well how she will let the man reach and understand the idea that she want. There is a problem that has to be found the solutions by both the women and the man such as having a baby. The women have to not let the man cut off her freedom and let her be in a locked place such as the

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