The Story Of A Little 4 Year Old Girl Essay

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In the excerpt Skin Hunger, the story of a little 4 year old girl named Laura is told. Laura is in the hospital, and at 4 years old weighs only 26 pounds. Connected to a feeding tube, Laura is also being fed a high calorie diet, in an effort to put weight on her tiny little body. Her medical team is essentially at a loss of why she is not gaining weight, and diagnoses her with infantile anorexia. As the story unfolds and the reader is clued in to not only Laura’s life, but also her Mother, Virginia’s, it becomes evident that there is certainly more going on than what appears. Most people understand how important human interaction is for a newborn, and even if they don’t, they are just naturally drawn to want to care for and provide affection to the baby. Laura’s mom was not exposed to that type of behavior as a child, and therefore did not know how to express affection to her baby. She cared for the child’s basic needs; however she did not know how to provide the human contact needed for growth. Laura was described as being stuck in the terrible two’s, despite being four years old. If she was acting like a typically two year old, her behavior may have consisted of temper tantrums, demanding her way and becoming frustrated when she didn’t get it, and she likely was not toilet trained yet. It does not appear that Laura had frequent social interactions with other children; furthermore, if she was behaving like a two year old, her cognitive skills were most likely…

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