The Stop And Frisk Program Essay

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The stop and frisk program is a concept that has been employed in the New York City for some few decades not. The program was conceptualized after a careful consideration of the crime rates increasing in the city. As such its core function has been to promote a crime-free society within and in the city. However, the program has had mixed feeling from various stakeholders especially the civilians who have filed complaints with Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) against NYPD police officers. The core or primary reason for instituting the stop-frisk program was to keep the city crime free. David Weisburd, Cody W. Telep & Brian A. Lawton (2014) embarked on a study to ascertain if the reduced crime rates in the city of New York was as a result of NYPD innovations. The innovation under study or the interest was the NYPD stop and frisk policing program instituted in areas classified as hot spots. They agree with the data available pointing out noted crime decline in the city. They also tend to agree with the explanation that it is through proper policing by NYP that has led to the decline in crime. But the, there are a number of policing strategies and stop and frisk is one (David, Cody & Brian, 2014). The subject of interest is the how the innovation could have been effective in reducing crime levels having knowledge that the police officers in NYPD had reduced, and this accompanied the reduce in crimes. The question of interest for these researchers is to…

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